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Stáidéar Áitiúil

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Staidéar Thiobraid Árann


Tipperary Libraries Local Studies and Archives collection is presently located at The Source, cathedral Street, Thurles.  Tipperary Studies is a reference library and research centre dedicated to the collection of material on all aspects of County Tipperary.  Tipperary Studies aims to collect and make freely accessible as comprehensive a collection of material relating to the history of Tipperary as possible, including published books, journals, newspapers, photographs, audio visual material microform, manuscripts and ephemera. 

Cover of Bassett's Guide to Tipperary, 1889

Cover of George Henry Bassett's Guide to Tipperary 1889


The definition of Local Studies encompasses all aspects of life in County Tipperary, past and present.  The collection of books, journals, newspapers and other resources reflect that broad definition.  The majority of visitors are primarily interested in the local history portion of the collections.  Local Studies and Archive material cannot be borrowed; it may be viewed in the Reading Room only. 

Tipperary Libraries is also home to the County Tipperary Historical Society.



Tipperary Studies collects all published material relating to Tipperary, all books by Tipperary authors and any general publications containing Tipperary material.  The Tipperary collection contains a large number of titles dealing with the archaeology, economy, history and topography of the county.  Directories, almanacs, topographical and commercial directories, novels, verse, unpublished theses and projects all form part of the collection.  The general Irish collection comprises numerous titles on natural history, social studies, and all aspects of Irish life.


Knocknagow by Charles J. Kickham book jacket

Knocknagow or the Homes of Tipperary by Charles J. Kickham



A comprehensive collection of journals is available for consultation in Tipperary Studies. Titles of major historical significance such as the Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquaries, North Munster Antiquarian Journal Archivium Hibernicum, Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy are held as are the Tipperary published Tipperary Historical Journal, Tipperary GAA Yearbook and Clonmel Historical Journal. Annual parish newsletters and some school publications are also available.


Cover of Molua Journal 1940

Molua 1940



Tipperary Studies has a large collection of local newspapers, some in hard copy format but the largest proportion on microfilm. The local papers are probably the most widely used resource in Tipperary Studies.  Originally a thesis, the History of Tipperary Newspapers by Joe Hayes was updated and published in the 1989 issue of the Tipperary Historical Journal with further additions in the 1990 issue.  This pamphlet is a brief account of the newspapers published in Tipperary since 1770, with their origins and policies and all known locations for surviving issues. (See Tipperary Historical Society)  See the full list of newspaper titles available for consultation. 


Title page of the Cashel Gazette newspaper

Title page of The Cashel Gazette


It is important to point out that Tipperary Studies is not a repository for either church or civil records for the county.  These records are divided between the three genealogical centres of the county.  Staff members are happy to provide researchers with details of the centre relevant to their particular query. 


Title page from Joseph Benedict Chifley, Australian Prime Minister 1945-1949 The Tipperary Connection

Title page from Joseph Benedict Chifley, Australian Prime Minister 1945-1949

The Tipperary Connection


Valuable genealogical sources available for consultation include the Primary Valuation of Tenements, popularly known as Griffiths Valuation, ca. 1850 with the accompanying maps, the slightly earlier Tithe Applotment Books, ca. 1826-1833 and Tithe Defaulters lists, ca. 1831 and both the 1901 and 1911 census manuscript returns.  Some general CD resources are available including Grenham’s Irish surnames, 1831 Tithe Defaulters, Ireland’s Memorial Records; World War 1 1914-1918, Directory of Waterford, Kilkenny and the southeast 1839 and other directories. 


Page from Ballycahill Rate Book, deposited in Tipperary Library archives

Rate Book: Ballycahill Electoral Division


Irish Tourist Association

In the early 1940s, the Irish Tourist Association (ITA) commissioned researchers to compile files of local historical interest at town and parish level, which would be of assistance and interest to visitors.  The files include information of local historical interest, tourist attractions in the area, local industries, times of religious services and other details.  A small collection of photographs, mainly of historical buildings accompanies the manuscripts. 


Ballycohey, Birthplace of Sean Treacy

Birthplace of Sean Treacy


National Schools Folklore Collection

This major collection was compiled in 1937-38 on the initiative of the Irish Folkore Commission.  Senior pupils in the primary schools recorded stories and oral history from older people in their communities.  The objectives of the scheme were to collect, maintain and safeguard Irish myths, legends and stories.  The collection covers folk tales, legends, songs, customs, games, local cures, pastimes and traditional crafts and work practices.  The original manuscripts are held in the Department of Irish Folkore, UCD, Belfield, Dublin.  Microfilm copies of the County Tipperary collection are available in Tipperary Studies.  Those wishing to publish any portion of the collection must contact the Department of Irish Folklore giving precise details of school, page and volume number. 


Folklore note in relation to tradition asspciated with the May Bush

Folklore note pertaining to the May Bush, 1944


Grand Juries

Grand Juries played an important role in local government in nineteenth century Ireland.  The members of the Grand Juries consisted mainly of local landowners.  The High Sheriff appointed them and their responsibilities included the maintenance of roads, bridges and upkeep of courthouses and lunatic asylums, financed by a County Cess.  Archives hold an extensive collection of the Presentment Books for north Tipperary for the period 1842-1910.  The Grand Juries were abolished in 1898 and most of their functions were transferred to the County Councils. 


Book cover for Tenant Right in Tipperary

Tenant Right in Tipperary


Board of Guardians

The Board of Guardian were set up under the 1838 Poor Law Act.  They were responsible for the administration of the poor relief throughout the country.  The minute books for Borrisokane, Cashel, Clonmel, Clogheen, Nenagh, Roscrea, Thurles and Tipperary unions are all available for consultation.  The 1898 Local Government Act assigned the sanitary matters of the Boards to the newly formed Rural District Councils leaving the Board of Guardians with responsibility for poor relief.  The Board of Guardians were abolished in the early 1920s and the RDCs a little later. 


Poster issued by Cashel Poor Law Union looking for Hay

HAY WANTED by Cashel Board of Guardians


Archives are easily damaged and are irreplaceable.  Consequently, photocopying of the Archival material is not permitted.  Some material may have to be withdrawn due to its fragile state and may not be available for consultation. 


Page detail from Cashel Poor Paw Union Minute Book

Detail from Cashel Poor Paw Union Minute Book


Cover of Rent Book from the Colonel Bagwell Estate

Cover of Rent Book from the Colonel Bagwell Estate


Detail of map showing typical layout of a Poor Law Union Workhouse

Map detail of a Poor Law Union Workhouse



At present Tipperary Libraries is in the process of expanding its photographic collection.  Donations of local material will be gratefully received.  The largest collections are:

Selections from the Lawrence collection

Cambridge Aerial Photographs

Irish Architectural Archive

Thurles Camera Club

Historical Postcards.

However there are copyright restrictions on the copying of the above collections


Ormond Castle - Carrick - on - Suir

Ormonde Castle, Carrick-on-Suir [from postcard]


Dromineer Castle and Lough Derg

Dromineer Castle & Lough Derg, Nenagh [from postcard]





Down Survey


Ordnance Survey Map detail of Peter Street, Nenagh

Ordnance Survey Map detail of Peter Street, Nenagh


Griffiths and cancelled town plans (CD Rom)


Castle Street Roscrea

Castle Street, Roscrea [from postcard]


Is an appointment necessary?

Although not strictly necessary, it is advisable to ring in advance.  Some material requires the use of a microfilm reader and this facility needs to be booked in advance.  Archives need to be removed from storage and made available in the Reading Room.


Materials in Tipperary Studies are for research purposes only.  They are not available for loan.  Because of their unique nature, items from these collections are accessible only under the supervision of library staff.  Where multiple copies exist, some titles (mainly recent publications) are made available through the branch libraries.


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Tá bailiúchán Chartlann Staideár Áitiúil Leabharlanna Thiobraid Árainn lonnaithe san Fhoinse, Sráid na hArdeaglaise, Durlas. Is leabharlann tagartha agus ionad taighde é Staidéar Thiobraid Árann tiomnaithe ar gach uile ghné de Chontae Thiobraid Árann. Tá sé mar aighm ag Staidéar Thiobraid Árann bailiúchán chomh cuimsitheach agus gur féidir d’ábhair a bhaineann le stair Thiobraid Árann a bhailiú agus a chuir ar fáil, ina measc leabhair fhoilsithe, irisí, nuachtáin, grianghraif, ábhair chlosamhairc, micreafoirmeacha, lámhscríbhinní agus scríbhinní gearrsaolacha.

Clúdach ar Guide to Tipperary le Bassett, 1889

Clúdach ar Guide to Tipperary le George Henry Bassett, 1889

Cuimsíonn an sainmhíniú atá ar Staidéar Áitiúil gach gné den saol i gContae Thiobrad Árainn, stairiúil agus faoi láthair. Taispeánann an bailúcháin, leabhar, irisí, nuachtán agus acmhainní eile an sainmhíniú leathan sin. Tá suim ag formhór na gcuairteoirí ann sa chuid den bhailiúchán a bhaineann le stair áitiúil. Ní féidir ábhair Cartlainne nó Staidéar Áitiúil a thógaint ar iasacht; caithfear breathnú orthu sa Seomra Léitheoireachta.
Lonnaithe chomh maith i Leabharlanna Thiobraid Árann tá Cumman Staire Thiobraid Árann.


Bailíonn Staidéar Thiobraid Árann gach earra foilsithe bainteach le Tiobraid Árann, gach leabhar scríofa ag údar ó Thiobraid Árann agus foilsiúcháin ghinearálta le hábhair iontú faoi Thiobraid Árann. Tá líon mór theidil sa bhailiúchán ag déileáil le seandálaíocht, géilleagar, stair agus topagrafaíocht an chontae. Sa bhailiúchán tá eolairí, alamanaig, eolairí topagrafaíocha agus tráchtála, úrscéalta, véarsaíocht, tráchtais neamhfhoilsithe agus tionscnaimh. Sa bhailiúchán ginearálta Éireannach tá mórán teidil faoi stair an dúlra, staidéir shóilsialta agus gach uile ghné den saol in Éirinn.

Forchlúdach Knocknagow le Charles J Kickham

Knocknagow or the Homes of Tipperary le Charles J. Kickham


Tá bailiúchán cuimsitheach d’irisí le fáil le haghaidh comhairliú i Staidéar Thiobraid Árann. Coimeadtar teidil a bhfuile tábhacht ar leith leo, mar shampla Iris Chumann Ríoga na n-Ársaitheoirí, Iris Ársaíochta Thuaisceart na Mumhan, Archivium Hibernicum, Imeachtaí an Acadaimh Ríoga maille le hearraí foilsithe i dTiobraid Árann ar nós Iris Staire Thiobraid Árann Tipperary, Blianiris CLG Thiobraid Árann agus Iris Staire Chluain Meala. Tá Nuachtlitreacha Bliainiúla Paróiste agus roinnt bheag foilsiúcháin scoile le fáil chomh maith.

Clúdach Iris Molua 1940
Molua 1940


Tá bailiúchán mór de nuachtáin áitiúla ag Staidéar Thiobraid Árann, cuid acu mar chóipeanna crua ach an chuid is mó ar mhicreascannáin. An-seans gur iad na páipéir áitiúla an acmhainn is mó a úsáidtear i Staidéar Thiobraid Árann. Tógadh suas chun dáta agus foilsíodh The History of Tipperary Newspapers le Joe Hayes, a thosaigh amach mar thráchtas, san Iris Staire Thiobraid Árann 1989, le tuilleadh eolais i 1990. Gearrchuntas é an paimfléad seo ar na nuachtáin ar fad a foilsíodh i dTiobraid Árann ó 1770 ar aghaidh, lena mbunúis agus polasaithe agus suíomh gach uile chóip a mhaireann fós. (Féach Cumann Staire Thiobraid Árann)  Féach an liosta iomlán teidil nuachtán atá ar fáil le comhairliú. 

leathanach teidil an nuachtán Cashel Gazette
Leathanach teidil The Cashel Gazette
Tá sé tábhachtach tabhairt faoi deara nach stór é Staidéar Thiobraid Árann de thaifid eaglasta nó sibhialta don chontae. Roinntear na taifid sin idir an trí ionad ginealais sa chontae. Beidh baill den fhoireann sásta sonraí an ionaid oiriúnach a tabhairt do thaighdeoirí. 

Leathanach teidil as Joseph Benedict Chifley, Australian Prime Minister 1945-1949 The Tipperary Connection

Leathanach teidil as Joseph Benedict Chifley, Australian Prime Minister 1945-1949
The Tipperary Connection

I measc na bhfoinsí luachmhara ginealais atá ar fáil le comhairliú tá “the Primary Valuation of Tenements”, a thugtar “Griffiths Valuation” air go comónta, ca. 1850 leis na léarscáileanna tionlacain, na leabhair níos luaithe “Leabhair Cheaproinnt na nDeachúna” ca. 1826-1833 agus Liostaí na Mainnitheoirí Deachúna, ca. 1831 agus láimhscríbhinní na ndaonáireamh 1901 agus 1911. Tá acmhainní ginearálta ar dlúthdhiosca, mar shampla “Grenham’s Irish surnames”, Mainnitheoirí na nDeachún 1831, Taifid Chuimhneachána na hÉireann; An Chéad Chogadh Domhanda 1914-1918, Eolaire Phort Láirge, Chill Chainnigh agus an Oirdheisceart 1839 agus eolairí eile. 

Leathanach ó Leabhar Rátaí Bhealach Achaille
Leabhar Rátaí: Toghroinn Bhealach Achaille

Cumann Turasóireachta na hÉireann

Luath sna 1940aí, chuir Cumann Turasóireachta na hÉireann (ITA) taighdeoirí ag teaglamú comhad le suim stairiúil ag baint leo ar leibhéil bhaile agus pharóiste, a bheadh suimiúil agus a chabhródh le cuairteoirí. Sna comhaid tá eolas le suim satiriúil áitiúil ag baint leis, nithe is díol spéise do thurasóirí sa limistéar, tionscadail áitiúla, amanna seirbhísí reiligiúnda agus sonraí eile. Tá bailiúchán beag de ghrianghraif, go hiondúil foirgnimh stairiúla, leis na láimhscríbhinní. 

Baile Uí Chofaigh, Áit breithe Sheáin Uí Threasaigh
Áit Breithe Sheáin Uí Threasaigh

Bailiúchán Béaloidis na Scoileanna Náisiúnta

Bhí an bailiúchán mór seo tiomsaithe sna blianta 1937-38 de bharr tionscnaíocht an Choimisiún Béaloideasa. Thaifead daltaí sinsearacha i mbunscoileanna scéalta agus seanchas ó sheanóirí ina bpobail. Bhí sé mar aidhm ag an scéim miotaiseolaíocht, scéalaíocht agus finscéalta na hÉireann a chaomhnú agus a bhailiú. Sa bhailiúchán tá scéalta tíre, finscéalta, amhráín, nósanna, cluichí, leigheas áitiúil, caithimh aimsire agus ceirde agus cleachtaí oibre traidisiúnta. Tá na bunchóipeanna i seilbh Roinn Béaloideas na hÉireann, An Coláiste Ollscoile, Baile Átha Cliath, Belfield, Baile Átha Cliath 4. Tá cóipeanna ar mhicreascannáin de bhailiúchán Chontae Thiobraid Árann  ar fáil i Staidéar Thiobraid Árann. Caithfidh an té a theastaíonn uaidh aon chuid den bhailiúchán a fhoilsiú dul i dteagmháil le Roinn Béaloideas na hÉireann ag tabhairt sonraí cruinn de scoil, leathanach agus uimhir imleabhair. 

Nóta béaloidis maidir leis an traidisiún a bhaineann leis an Sceach Bealtaine
Nóta béaloidis ag baint leis an Sceach Bealtaine, 1944


Bhí ról tábhachtach le himirt ag Ard-Ghiúiréithe i rialtas áitiúil na hÉireann sa naoú chéad déag. Úinéirí talúna áitiúla a bhíodh sna baill de na hArd-Ghiúiréithe. Ceapadh an Ard-Sirriam ar an Ard-Ghiúiré iad agus bhí sé mar dhualgas acu bóithre, droichid, tithe cúirte agus gealtlanna áitiúla a chothabháil le maoiniú ó Cháin Chontae. Sna cartlanna tá bailiúchán cuimsitheach de na Leabhair Seachadadh do Thiobraid Árann Thuaidh don tréimhse 1842-1910. Cuireadh deireadh leis na hArd-Ghiúiréithe in 1898 agus thit formhór a ndualgaisí ar na Comhairlí Contae. 

Forchlúdach Chearta na dTionóntaí i dTiobraid Árann
Cearta na dTionóntaí i dTiobraid Árann

Bord Bardachta

Bunaíodh an Bord Bradachta faoi réir Acht Dlí na mBocht, 1838. Bhí siad freagrach as riaracháin fhóirithint na mbocht ar fud na tíre. Tá na leabhair mhiontuairiscí ó na haontais seo a leanas ar fáil: Buiríos Uí Chéin, Caiseal, Cluain Meala, an Cloichín, an tAonach, Ros Cré, Durlas agus Tiobraid Árann. Chuir an tAcht Rialtais Áitiúil, 1898, cursaí slántíochta faoi réir na gComhairlí Cheantair Tuaithe, rud a d’fhág na Boird Bardachta i bhfeighil ar fhóirithint na mbocht. Cuireadh deireadh leis an mBord Bardachta sna 1920daí agus na CCT gan mhoill i ndiaidh sin. 

Postaer a d’eisigh Aontas Dlí na mBocht Chaisil ag lorg féara
HAY WANTED le Bord Bardachta Chaisil

Tá na cartlanna éasca le scriosadh agus ní féidir a gcomhsabháileacha a sholáthair. Mar sin, níl cead earraí cartlainne a fhótachóipeáil. Beidh orainn roinnt ábhair a tharraingt siar de bharr a staid leochaileach agus ní bheidh siadsan ar fáil le comhairliú. 

Sonra ó Leabhar Miontuairiscí Aontas Dlí na mBocht Chaisil
Sonra ó Leabhar Miontuairiscí Aontas Dlí na mBocht Chaisil

Forchlúdach Leabhair Chíosa ó Eastát an Choirnéil Bagwell
Forchlúdach Leabhair Chíosa ó Eastát an Choirnéil Bagwell

Sonra ó léarscáil ag léiriú gnáthleagan amach Teach Oibre Aontas Dlí na mBocht
Sonra Léarscáile Teach Oibre Aontas Dlí na mBocht


Faoi láthair na huaire tá Leabharlanna Thiobraid Árann ag leathnú amach a mbailiúchán ghrianghraf. Beidh fáilte roimh thabhartais d’ábhair áitiúla. Is iad seo a leanas na bailiúcháin is mó:
Rogha ón bhailiúchán Lawerence
Aerghrianghraif Cambridge
Cartlann Ailtireachta na hÉireann
Club Ceamara Dhurlais
Cártaí Poist Stairiúla.
Tá srianta cóipcheart, áfach, ar chóipeáil na mbailiúchán thuas

Caisleán Ormonde, Carraig na Siúire
Caisleán Ormonde, Carraig na Siúire [ó charta poist]

Caisleán Drom Inbhir agus Loch Dearg
Caisleán Drom Inbhir & Loch Dearg, an tAonach [ó charta poist]


Taifead na Séádchomharthaí
An Down Survey

Sonra léarscáile ón Suirbhéireacht Ordanáis de Shráid Pheadair, an tAonach
Sonra léarscáile ón Suirbhéireacht Ordanáis de Shráid Pheadair, an tAonach

Pleananna baile cealaithe agus luacháil Uí Ghríofa (CD Rom)

Sráid an Chaisleáin, Ros Cré
Sráid an Chaisleáin, Ros Cré [ó charta poist]

An gá coinne a shocrú?

Cé nach bhfuil sé riachtanach, moltar glaoch a chuir roimh ré. Caithfear roinnt ábhair a léamh le cabhair léitheoir micreascannáin agus caithfear an áis seo a chuir in áirithe. Caithfear cartlanna a bhaint amach ón stór agus cuirfear ar fáil sa Seomra Léitheoireachta iad.


Is ar mhaithe le taighde amháin atá na hábhair i Staidéar Thiobraid Árann. Níl siad ar fáil ar iasacht. Toisc a gcineálacha uathúla, níl cead rochtaineacht a fháil ar na hearraí ó na bailiúcháin seo ach faoi fheitheoireacht na foirne leabharlainne. Áit atá iomaí cóip ar fáil, cuirfear roinnt teidil (go hiondúil iad siúd a bhí foilsithe le déanaí) ar fáil tríd na brainsí leabharlainne.

Uaireanta Oscailte

Gliogáil anseo le haghaidh UAIREANTA OSCAILTE

Sonraí Teagmhála

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